Responsive design


Allow your customers to have a seamless web experience, no matter the device.

With responsive architecture it doesn’t  matter what device your customer is using to view your website, be it a computer with high resolution monitor, tablet, e-reader, or smart phone. With Responsive Web Design, you know they are getting an experience catered perfectly for them. The design responds to the customers devices, and provides an exceptional web experience.
People using desktop computers receive the full website experience. Users of tablets and smartphones receive an experience catered for their device. Taking advantage of the smaller screens, different data speeds, device orientation, and UI experience. Creating a targeted experience for those mobile devices, and using it to its full advantage.

With Responsive Design, mobile devices receive an App like experience.

Traditional websites are not ideal on mobile devices. Users must zoom in and scroll, and the experience is awkward at best. With Responsive Design, your website recognizes the device accessing it, and provides an experience catered to the screen size, user interface, and data speeds. Adjusting menu’s, text sizes, picture sizes, adjusting content for a targeted delivery to make that users experience optimal on the devices they are using. The result is an experience catered to that person, in many ways resembling an app created just for them.

Smart Technology for a Smart Future

Responsive design targets a devices screen size. This enables the architecture to not just make a website that is perfect for todays devices, but or future releases as well. So you don’t need to watch the new device releases each year and test, you know your website will simply look at the screen sizes, and provide the best experience possible.
The architecture of responsive design is also great from a time management standpoint, providing one  location to change and update content. Instead of updating several different websites  targeting a variety of specific devices, you can update one website and that website adapts to those devices.


Search Engine Friendly

Responsive design is an ideal solution for all devices, and search engine optimization. Instead of separate website versions for each device, that in excessive use flag your website as spam. Responsive design is simply one website, adapting to whatever device is accessing it. 

Test your existing website.

Use this tool here to test how your website looks in different devices. If you have to scroll or zoom excessively, consider upgrading your existing website to Responsive Design. 
Your website can look great in any device viewing it. Contact Us LINK, we offer special packages to take your existing design and convert.


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